A well-done drywall repair job should not be visible to the naked eye. However, it’s important that the repair matches the texture and finish of the existing wall as closely as possible.

If the damage is extensive, hiring a professional drywall repair service is usually necessary. The right handyman will take care of any drywall problems you may have, including patching holes, repairing cracks and dents in the walls and ceiling, and even addressing water damage to the structure of your home.

How a handyman repairs walls will vary based on the size and location of the damage, but most importantly, how the area is finished or painted. For example, a small hole can be repaired with spackle and then sanded to smooth the edges (a wet paper towel can also work). Using a light color spackle such as DAP Fast Dry Premium Spackling or DAP Alex Plus Spackling will make the patch look white so that it doesn’t stand out against the surrounding wall.

When the repair is complete, the sanded surface will need to be primed and then painted to ensure that the new patch and any cracks or dents are completely covered. For textured surfaces, it’s typically a good idea to use a spray can like Homemax Orange Peel Texture Patch to give the wall an ultra-smooth appearance. This product is easy to use and has a convenient color-changing feature to show when it is ready to be sanded.

After any drywall repair is completed, it’s very important that the paint job is done correctly to prevent water damage in the future. A handyman in Memphis that has the knowledge and experience to properly apply primer and then a top coat of paint will guarantee that your walls are protected.

While there are many reasons to have your walls repaired, it is also important to maintain a well-maintained home. Regular inspections can reduce the risk of problems such as dings and holes in your walls, cracks in your plaster or drywall, soft spots on your walls, or other problems that can go unnoticed over time.

To learn more about the benefits of professional drywall repair and installation in Memphis, contact Home Repair Services, Inc today. As a reputable local business, they have the tools and expertise to make your walls look their best. With a well-done drywall repair and paint job, your walls will last longer and look better. That will help to protect your investment in your home and give you a great feeling of pride when you walk into your house.

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